Dan Kanter Talks Justin Bieber

Hannah: You’re Justin Bieber’s guitarist and that’s really big! How did you really end up with that?
Dan: Thanks, it’s really exciting. A lot of it was luck but, I’ve been musical directing and playing guitar for pop artists for a long time. In Canada for a long time I was helping kids just like we do on the Next Star, becoming better performers, writing setlists, learning how to sing properly and so at the time Justin needed somebody and fortunately I was recommended to him and that was about five years ago.

Hannah: Now you’re probably the best of buddies
Dan: Yes, he is like my little brother – that’s for sure.

Hannah: Little brothers do pranks and I know that you guys play pranks on each other quite a bit. I really like a good prank, so Justin once went on your twitter account and posted that you were going out of the band. Did you ever get revenge? Because, you did promise that you would.
Dan: Yeah, Justin is quite the prankster. He broke into Twitter and announced that I had quit and he’ll never forgive me for what I did and five minutes after that happened TMZ called his manager asking for the exclusive scoop on what I did to quit, which is hilarious. But, I haven’t really got him back one-on-one. We’ve done a couple pranks on him, we have a song called ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ where Justin brings up a girl on stage and he gives her flowers and on the last tour he gave her a crown and she’s his queen and so one show we found our most overweight, sweatiest crew guy and brought him out on stage and he sat in the chair and Justin had to give him flowers and serenade him and he wasn’t very happy. (laughs)

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