Two Year Anniversary of Justin’s Believe Album!


It seems like yesterday when Justin released his 3rd album, “Believe”, to the world on June 19, 2012 (although early release occurred in Australia, Germany, and Ireland on June 15th, 2012). Beliebers had anxiously anticipated this release in particular because it was not only new music, but offered a new inventive sound to accompany his deeper toned voice. 

Entertainment Weekly even claims that Justin’s album, “[Is] a prime showcase for his new voice and burgeoning mettle, proving that Bieber isn’t just maturing, he’s evolving.”

With such positive reviews, the “Believe” album soared to #1 in 16 countries within the first week and maintained hold on the top 100 in the charts for the year (one of which was the notable Billboard top 100 chart.) 

The album was also nominated for 4 awards for the complete album, along with hit singles being recognized in award shows by nominations such as Boyfriend (10 nominations), As Long as You Love Me (1 nomination), Beauty and a Beat (2 nominations), and All Around the World (1 nomination). 

Justin also created the Believe Tour so that his Beliebers could see him perform some of “Believe” live. With the setlist containing All Around the World, Take You, Catching Feelings, Love Me Like You Do, She Don’t Like the Lights, Die In Your Arms, Out of Town Girl, Be Alright, Fall, Beauty And a BeatAs Long As You Love Me, Believe, Boyfriend, the tour excited Beliebers for a chance to see their idol live.

If Beliebershappened to miss the Believe Tour, Justin also released his Believe documentary to help give them a chance to relive the Believe album through his movie. 

In addition to it’s success, the Believe album will be honored today on the Second Anniversary of it’s debut. Happy Two-Year Anniversary of “Believe!”

EXCLUSIVE: First 10 Minutes of BELIEVE

Believe Movie is now playing in…
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Make sure you go see it!

Believe Movie is now playing in…

Make sure you go see it!

Justin talks about his 1-year-break for USA Today

"I’m going to take my time (next year) to really find my sound as an adult," says Bieber, 19, in an e-mail to USA TODAY from the Philippines, the final stop of his 15-month Believe tour. "That takes time and patience, and I’m grateful I have the ability to step back and focus on my creativity."

Adds his manager and friend, Scooter Braun: “Next year will be less about the career. I expect Justin to be doing things like snowboarding, backpacking, working on his charities, but more often than not, he’ll be in the studio. Music is his therapy.”

In his e-mail, Bieber writes: “The last year has not been the easiest for me, as I think is probably the case for all teenagers. I’m just trying to grow up and figure out who I am, but I have to do it in front of the world.”

"Like anyone in the public eye, the things I do are scrutinized and sensationalized, which makes things more difficult. But it’s a side effect of my career and getting to do what I love every day, so I’m handling it the best that I can. My family, my team and my pastors have really helped me get through things."

"…sometimes I rebel to try to show my independence, and that can be hard on everyone. But thankfully, the people around me love me and are understanding. When I make a mistake, we talk about it and try to learn from it."

"I just try every morning to wake up and tell myself what I’m thankful for and make that day great," Bieber says. "I want to touch the world in a positive way and help people, and that is what I’m focused on."

Source: USA Today

+ ‏@BelieveMovie: Purple carpet in progress #BelieveMovie 

‏@BelieveMovie: Purple carpet in progress #BelieveMovie 

+ @BelieveMovie: The Purple Carpet has been rolled out for the #BelievePremiere. Look at all the Beliebers at Regal LA LIVE!! 

@BelieveMovie: The Purple Carpet has been rolled out for the #BelievePremiere. Look at all the Beliebers at Regal LA LIVE!! 

New video: #BelieveMovie - “Believe the Truth”

Pictures unlocked from the 6th fan package on the Believe movie’s official website!

Believe Tour Finally Concludes!


Justin has finally just concluded his 2nd world tour on December 8th…and he’s only 19!! The emotions were mixed after the last show, but Justin has a new plan set in motion to continue to always satisfy us with the release of his “Journals” album which will have 5 exclusive songs to add to the music Mondays collection.

But let’s reflect one last time at Justin’s accomplishments and memories of his Believe Tour:

  • In 2012, the tour placed 23rd on Pollstar’s “Top 50 Worldwide Tours”.
  • In 2013 the tour was honored again in 2013. It ranked 5th on Pollstar’s “Top 100 Worldwide Tours—Mid Year”
  • It went to 6 different continents and was a total of 157 shows long!
  • Justin also became the first recording artist in Make-A-Wish history to grant 200 wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions on the tour!
  • Justin also received his first ever Diamond Award during the Newark, New Jersey. Baby, was certified 12x platinum, becoming the highest ever certified single in US history!
  • In October 2012, Justin shot to the Billboards #1 Hot Tours with the Box office revenue topping $6.2 million only from the first 80,569 sold tickets, according to tour promoter AEG Live.
  • In January 2013, Billboards bets put Justin on the list that signified Justin as one of the main acts to see on a tour.
  • The tour has grossed more than $155 million from the first 124 shows and $1 from every ticket sold was donated to Pencils of Promise!
  • He has made another movie based on his travels and experiences on the Believe Tour set to release on Christmas Day!

If you’re not quite ready to let go of the Believe Tour just yet, keep requesting and you could see your very own experience on the big screen on Christmas day! Thank you Justin and the crew for putting on a performance of a lifetime!

Pictures unlocked from the 5th fan package on the Believe movie’s official website!

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