Justin performing ‘Believe’ in Strasbourg (April 8). You can see the project the fans made during the performance starting at 1:41 and throughout the whole video!

Meet and Greet in Cologne (April 6)

+ @theworldshero: Dope

@theworldshero: Dope

+ theteddyjay: W/ The King @JustinBieber and My bro @BastBlancafort !

theteddyjay: W/ The King @JustinBieber and My bro @BastBlancafort !

Frankfurt Meet and Greet (April 3)

Justin tells Teen Vogue what he looks for in a girl - Watch Justin’s Official Teen Vogue Cover Shoot here.

Justin performing Take You in Hamburg (April 2) 

Justin performing All Around The World in Hamburg (April 2)

+ @justinbieber: Morning hair

@justinbieber: Morning hair

+ @djtayjames: Started From The Bottom … 

@djtayjames: Started From The Bottom … 

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